Stepping Through the Worldview Membrane: For managers, leaders and coaches who wish to lead rather than be led.

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Stepping Through the Worldview Membrane: For managers, leaders and coaches who wish to lead rather than be led.

June 15th and 16th – 2 Day Workshop and certification programme

A Human Emergence Framework – Level I certificate of completion will be issued.

A caterpillar ‘knows’ what it has to become, its path of transformation is mapped out for it,
but transformation for us is a process of exploration, and to explore
we must travel over the horizon towards the unknown.
Bill Sharpe

  • Are you wanting to improve, and future proof, the manner in which you support, lead and manage change, but not sure how?
  • Do you need new tools and methods that are critical for the business to be equipped for the complex transitions we are in?
  • Are you wishing to expand your awareness and competency as a manager/ leader/coach/trainer/practitioner?
  • Are you searching for viable solutions to complex, wicked problems?  
  • Are you interested in a journey through time, looking back and into the future and delving deeper into the stages of human development?
  • If any of these statements get close to your truth, then this programme is for you.

It’s not what you do, but who you are, that makes the biggest difference”.

This Two-Day Programme will cover:

      • The context we share and the need for complexity-aware thinking and practise.
      • The basic framing and lineage of Human Emergence which includes Human Thinking Theory and Human Change Theory.
  • The 8 Principles of Human Emergence
  • Human Thinking Theory: Experience the Life Conditions, Codes, & Expressions of each Coping Means:

SurvivalSense, TribalBond, ImpulsePower, TruthForce, StriveDrive, HumanEquity, IntegrativeFlow, HolisticBeing.

      • Human Change Theory:
        • The change dynamics of human emergence
        • The conditions for change towards more complex thinking
      • How effective leaders and coaches hold a psychological space that is at least half a step ahead of their clients. From this place it becomes possible to deliver insights that remove barriers and unblock human development.
      • Examples of how holistic – integral thinking is revealing itself in society.

What is the purpose of this programme?

The purpose of this programme is to release the latent complexity-aware capacities that exist within you.

What is now irrefutable is that there exists an invisible megatrend of emergent human thinking systems that can resolve the complexity of the times and create a platform for a new era. This new form of thinking, known as integral-holistic, is latent in many individuals, yet is constrained by societal norms that were established by thinking forms that matched earlier, less complex times. We invite you to step through this worldview membrane.

Whether you are a freelance practitioner of change, a coach, leader and/or a manager within an organisation, or are simply interested in your own personal development, the thinking-stance you adopt as you navigate through increasingly complex times matters.

Why? The place in which you stand as you observe, think, design, and deliver has a dramatic affect on the outcome of your work. Stance matters. The stance we invite is ‘Integral-holistic’.

This is what we mean by stance. It’s not what you do, it’s who you are; it’s not what you think, it’s how you think; it’s not what you were taught, it’s what you intuitively know that makes the difference.

This foundational level programme stimulates your self-awareness of the fundamental patterns and deep dynamics of human change. You are your own best teacher.

Who will benefit from attending?

Those who attend this event are interested in exploring new ways to make sense of the increasing complexity in the world around them.

Usually we have a range of experience in the room — from those who have already been introduced to integral thinking, to those who are exploring the territory for the first time. All are welcome, all will benefit. There are no prerequisites.

People who support or advise others will benefit especially advisors, coaches, facilitators, change agents, human resource professionals, teachers and faculty, leaders and managers in any context: business, government, non-profit, education, community, religion, etc.

Which competencies are developed? The ability to…

  • Recognise the patterns and stages of human development that shape our thinking, our biology, our culture and social systems.
  • Navigate complexity using guiding principles rather than a rulebook.
  • Think what nobody has yet thought about that which everybody sees.
  • Craft win-win-wins for self, organisation, and planet.
  • Deepen your awareness of the significance of Holistic Management and decision making and the enhancement of your flexibility, and bold humility in application.

Be able to…

  • Recognise and support your own emergence and that of others.
  • Recognise the surface patterns of the stages or waves of development in individuals, cultures, social, and business systems.
  • Apply to your chosen context with quick benefit.
  • Use research instruments that expand your awareness and provide meaningful engagement with others.
  • Make holistically informed decisions.


  • That a holistic perspective matters — it’s not what you do, it’s who you are that makes the difference.
  • The core dynamics and first principles of the invisible megatrend of human emergence.
  • The foundations of human stage development theory.
  • A range of practices to self-manage your own emergence.
  • Examples from many sectors.
  • A foundational level understanding of human stage development theory based upon the pioneering lineage of Clare W Graves (the Graves Technology -1978), Dr Don Beck and Chris Cowan (Spiral Dynamics – 1996), and Christopher and Sheila Cooke (Solonics – 2012).
  • A range of integral-holistic practices that support application.


  • An internal sense of how value systems are shaped at the most fundamental level.
  • A rich and meaning-filled interactive journey informed by elegantly simple metaphors and multi-media.
  • A collaborative journey towards integral and systemic mastery.
  • An exploration of how to think in new ways about the challenges and barriers you may face.

What is the intent of this workshop?

To equip you with the ability to nurture the emergence of integral / holistic consciousness in self and others, by learning to create the life conditions which support natural, intentional adaptation to changing life conditions.

Participants have said…

  • “Thank God I’m not going crazy!”
  • “It was like having a veil lifted from my eyes.”

Preparation for the Programme:

  • Read, A Theory of Everything, by Ken Wilber.
  • Obtain and read a copy of the book, Spiral Dynamics, by Beck and Cowan.
  • Complete online self-assessments.
  • Unwrap your insatiable curiosity!


A Human Emergence Framework – Level I certificate of completion will be issued.


  • Early Bird Registration Fee: 340 EUR
  • Standard Fee: 425 EUR
  • ICF Bulgaria Members: 240 EUR


  • 3+ attendees – 15% off
  • 5+ attendees – 25% off
  • Price only for the training if you have participated in the Third national coaching conference (June 13th and 14th): Crossing points – where the business meets the professional coaching – 240 EUR

Who is the trainer? 

Christopher Cooke is recognised internationally for his pioneering application of integral thinking. He operates as an educator, advisor, mentor and speaker. Christopher offers 30+ years experience of pioneering comprehensive change efforts across all sectors in 15+ countries in the world.

About Christopher Cooke – MSc. BA. I Eng. Member-INLPTA

Christopher is a leading figure in the demonstration of The Graves Technology, Spiral Dynamics, Spiral Dynamics Integral, and Integral Theory. His commitment and focus, since 1997, is application in as many contexts as possible. This has taken him around the world and into many social contexts such as Healthcare, Agriculture, Home Building, Community Safety, Community Building, Utilities, Precious Metals, Investment, The training and development of coaches, facilitators and thought-leaders. 

In 2011, a mutual life review with his wife, Sheila, led to the development of A Human Emergence Framework which builds upon the lineage of Clare W. Graves, Spiral Dynamics, Spiral Dynamics Integral, Integral Theory, and other significant contributors, to offer a meaningful and easily applicable practice. Christopher also operates a human emergence based cultural scanning service known as 5 deep Vital Signs, that is recognized as the most advanced application in this field (Public Statement on a Convetit panel by Susanne Cook-Greuter in 2016).

Following extensive work in agriculture and large scale social change, inspired by the thirty year drought in Australia (1980-2010) Christopher and his wife Sheila, elected to lead the Savory Network Hub for the UK, Ireland, Guernsey, Jersey and the Isle of Man. Christopher considers the life’s work of Allan Savory to be one of the best examples of the application of an emergent holistic awareness.

I’ve searched the world over, and found two frameworks that support the mind to go beyond the post-conventional way of thinking. The Human Emergence Framework that is built upon the foundational work of Clare W Graves, the father of Integral Psychology, and the Holistic Management Framework developed by Allan Savory. Both frameworks stimulate an innate human capacity to resolve complex problems in full alliance with how all life works. When meshed together, and applied by skilled coaches, and facilitators of human emergence, using practices that fit the chosen context, we accelerate human awakening.” – Christopher Cooke 2018